Create Folders and Organize Android Apps on Cell Phone

Today’s world is of mobile phones. Every day there are new models for phones. People are rapidly shifting to smartphones round the world. A smartphone works with a mobile operating system. There are two big names for mobile operating systems i.e. Android (by Google Inc.) and iOS (by Apple Inc.). For both of these, there billions of users round the world and these are increasing day by day.

Due to the increase of numbers of users, more and more mobile applications are developed in different categories; i.e. Games, Businesses, Sports etc. For this, mobile users download these applications as per their requirements. Sometimes due to many applications, there is mess up on your mobile phone. And an idea, come in to your mind to organize your applications in the folders. so that you can easily find your application on the demand.

In this article you’ll learn how to create folders and organize apps on your android phone.

Create Folder on Android Phone

To create a folder on android phone;

1) Press “Applications” icon, which is also called App-Drawer. Its is located at the bottom of your cell phone

applications drawer icon

2) Click on the menu located at top right corner, then select “Create New Folder”

folder menu

3) Folder is created

android folder

Change Name of the folder

4) To change the name of newly created folder, just tap it once. below the folder, you can see pencil icon on right side

edit folder name

5) Click on it, at bottom you can see “Rename” window

change folder name

6) Enter new name of the folder and press “Yes”

Organize Android Apps in folder

7) To add applications to the folder, long press the application which you want to add, when there is light vibration and screen changes, drag this application to the folder


8) Application is added to the folder

app in folder

In this way you can add, more applications to the folder and Organize Android Apps by category; i.e. Games, Google Apps etc.