Features of Windows Mobile 7

At the Mobile World Congress, Microsoft took the covers off its Windows Phone 7 which is the official name of Windows Mobile 7. Windows Mobile 7 is a new mobile operating system from Microsoft substituting Windows Mobile platform with its Zune HD user interface. The design language behind the platform is named Metro.

The new interface in Windows phone 7 is quite good with colorful tiles serving as shortcuts to your most-used or favorite apps or Web sites. Live Tiles can also be placed linking you to your Facebook profile or friends. Tiles are dynamic and update in real time.

Hubs combine local and online content via Windows Phone 7’s integration with popular social networks such as Facebook, Windows Live, and Twitter. You can directly connect and “like” on social network updates via hub.

An on-screen virtual (QWERTY) keyboard having a dedicated key for inserting emoticons and spell checking features is another impressive aspect of Windows Mobile 7. It uses Internet Explorer as the web browser that allows the user to maintain a list of favorite web pages and tiles linking to web pages on the Start screen. There is support available for up to 6 tabs which can all load in parallel. In a demo, Microsoft said that Windows Phone 7 users will be able to stream YouTube videos from the browser. Clicking on a video from the mobile YouTube website will launch the video in a standalone app and will also add the YouTube video to the Music + Video Hub.

Microsoft has locked in the Windows 7 interface and informed that hardware partners will not be able to replace the Windows 7 UI.