Scan QR code for WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is the most popular mobile application for Chat and transfer media (i.e. photos, videos etc.). The main drawback with WhatsApp was that it didn’t have any version for computer or laptop. So, a WhatsApp user has to stick with mobile to send and read the chat messages. Now, here is the good news that WhatsApp has recently launched a Web based version. Now Computer and laptop users can use WhatsApp functionality.

1) To use web based WhatsApp version open WhatsApp Web page in your browser

WhatsApp Web

2) Open WhatsApp application from your mobile phone, open WhatsApp menu and select option “WhatsApp Web”. The “WhatsApp Web” option is available in latest version of WhatsApp. So, if you are using older version of WhatsApp then you have to update it first. (in my case) If you, don’t see the update option or unable to update it. Then you have to re-install WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web option

3) Scan QR code from your mobile phone

scan QR code WhatsApp

After scanning QR code, WhatsApp web sync all the data with your cell phone. All the chats history and media is available from web

How to Log out from WhatsApp Web or Computer

If you want to log out from computer, just go to WhatsApp mobile app menu and select “WhatsApp Web”. Here is an option “Log out from all computers”. Click on it and now you are log out from all the places.

WhatsApp Logout from Computers


  1. trust me I am struggling for more than 3 days to connect. the code does not scan keeps on telling me that I am not connected to the internet.
    I mean seriously, I can be on wifi or on mobile data it keeps on saying the same.

  2. Maine Apne phone me whtasaap scan kr rkha hai aj se 4 days phle thik chl rha ab ni chl rha hai kya krna hoga ye phle ki trh chlne kg Jaye

  3. I am tryging to restore my whatsapp messages, i have changed my phone from iphone to android HONOR AND have lost all my messages what do i need to do?