Strange Lady Gaga Shoes

Lady Gaga, a lady who is now a house hold name in the music scene, does not want to be just another pop singer. She wants to be different and her continuous efforts to prove herself as a unique individual, not just a unique artist have got her on the fronts of outrageousness and boldness. Yes her music videos, her dresses, her style everything has a kind of uniqueness in it. But have you ever observed Lady Gaga shoes?

strange shoes of laday gaga

Some models of strange Lady Gaga Shoes

Looking at surprisingly weird shoes of lady gaga is a treat for eyes. Attending the Nokia 5800 launch party wearing pretty pink pumps in London, arriving at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards wearing some seriously sparkly shoes, hanging in the foot high heels to promote her “Born This Way”¬†album in Mexico City or posing in the funky snakeskin print at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards Lady Gaga is always found experimenting with Lady Gaga shoes along with her dresses, hairdos, music videos and what not!

lady gaga shoes

These shoes of lady gaga may look cool but they are definitely not comfortable. She is even witnessed tripping in her high heels once but who really cares, for bringing a change (read it outrageous change) is not a piece of cake.

One has to give credit for originality in shoes of lady’s gaga. She is not copying anyone but is she herself worth copying? If you can handle a foot high heel or make yourself comfortable in wild raw meat wedges then shoes of lady gaga are the best choice for you.